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1916 Luc Peire is born on 07.07.1916 in Bruges

1930-1935 Takes evening lessons at the Bruges Academy of Fine Arts during the school years 1930-1931, 1932-1933, 1934-1935. From 1932 onwards he takes evening classes concurrently with his daytime studies in Ghent at the St. Luke School Higher Institute of Art and Vocational Training (1932-1935).

1933, Luc Peire, Self-portrait (CR 18)


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1935-1940 Around 1935, Luc Peire becomes personally acquainted with Constant Permeke who strongly influences him.  In 1935 he passes the entrance exam to the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where he works five years (until 1940) in Gustave Van de Woestijne's studios..

1937, Brugge-Damme Canal. Permeke (left) and Luc Peire.


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1938 Luc Peire's first solo exhibition is organized in Bruges.

1942 Wins the 1941 Napoléon Godecharle Foundation Competition.

1942, Luc Peire, Jenny (CR 144)


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1945 Becomes a member of La Jeune Peinture Belge.Together with RikSlabbinck and Jack Godderis, Luc Peire belongs to the 'La tradition flamande' tendency.

In November 1946 wins the Rome Prize for Painting

1947, Florence. Santa Maria del Fiore

1947-1948 Together with RikSlabbinck and Jack Godderis, Luc Peire on 15.03.1947 resigns from La JeunePeintureBelge.
Undertakes a five month culture and study trip (during the winter) to Italy and Sicily. He admires the work of Giotto and Piero della Francesca.

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1949 On 25.02.1949, in Bruges, Luc Peire marries Jenny Verbruggen.

1950, Mogador [Essaouira]

1949-1950 Travels during winter 1949-1950 with a travel bursary through Spain to the south (Spain, Morocco).

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1950-1951 Travels in autumn 1950 to the Balearic islands and learns the technique of al fresco painting. In spring 1951 travels on from Palma (Majorca) via Ibiza, Alicante, Granada, Seville and Algeciras towards Rabat (Morocco).

1952 Nominated by the committee for artistic relations between the Belgian Congo and Belgium, Luc Peire leaves on March 9, 1952 via Spain, Gran Canaria and Tenerife, on a study trip to the Belgian Congo.

1954, Knokke (garden). Luc Peire, Jenny Peire, Josep María Subirachs

1953 Around 10.04.1953 arrives in the Canary Islands from Matadi (Belgian Congo), and stays until November at Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Develops a close friendship with Eduardo Westerdahl, who guides his artistic direction. A lasting artistically enriching and fruitful friendship comes about with architect and art theoretician Alberto Sartoris. In September 1953 the the first Luc Peire monography appears, written in Spanish by Eduardo Westerdahl.

In December 1953, he meets Catalan sculptor Josep María Subirachs in Barcelona.
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1954 Spends winter 1954-1955 in Victor Servranckx's mini-studio in Paris. Comes into contact with Michel Seuphor in Paris.

1955 Returns to Knokke after spending the winter in Paris. Creates his first graphies.

1957, Knokke (casino). Exhibition 'esthétique d'aujourd'hui / vormen van heden'

1957 Along withK.N. Elno, Luc Peire organizes in Knokke an exhibition 'esthétiqued'aujourd'hui /vormen van heden', which has an international resonance.

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1958 Acts as Art Adviser to the Department of the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi for the 1958 Brussels World Fair (Expo '58).
At the invitation of Leo Breuer, Luc Peire takes part in the 13th Salon des Réalités Nouvelles/Nouvelles Réalités in Paris.
The period from November 1958 until (probably) end-April 1959 is spent at Golfe-Juan in southern France.

1959 Goes to live in Paris. From now on Luc Peire customarily spends his winters in Paris and summers in Knokke.

1960 Co-founder of the Groupe Mesure in Paris.
From 25.11 to 31.12.1960 Hélène Pillement organizes Luc Peire's first solo exhibition in Paris at her Galerie Hautefeuille. Via this solo exhibition Luc Peire first comes into contact with phonetic poet Henri Chopin. He has subsequently participated in the journal Cinquième Saison (editor: Henri Chopin) and produces graphies as 'objective poetry' in space, with texts by Henri Chopin, René Garnier, Edmond Humeau and Michel Seuphor.

1961 Wins on 07.05.1961 the Grand Prize for Painting 1961 of the city of Ostend. On 24.06.1961 he wins the Knokke Grand Prize for Painting.

1961, Parijs (Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris). '16ème Réalités Salon des Nouvelles. Leo Breuer (right) and Luc Peire


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1962 Takes part in the Salon des Comparaisons in Paris

1963 Together with Henri Chopin and Swiss cineast Tjerk Wicky, Luc Peire presents the experimental short-length film Pêche de nuit in a world première screening at Knokke.

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1964 On 31.01.1964 Luc Peire wins the Prix Floréal of the 5th Menton Biennale de Peinture.
At the recommendation of Pierre Soulages he takes up engraving again, working here with the Atelier Lacourière-Frélaut in Paris. The collaboration with the Atelier Lacourière-Frélaut lasts until 1969.

1965 Becomes a member of the hanging committee of the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles and remains in it until 1972.
In October Peire Luc leaves for six months to America and discovers New York, where he can work in the free studio of his Canadian artist friend York Wilson.

1966 During his stay in America Luc Peire makes a trip to Mexico in the first fortnight of February 1966.

1966, Mitla (Mexico). Luc Peire


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On the occasion of Luc Peire's fiftieth birthday a 'Retrospective Exhibition' is organized in the Stedelijk Groeningemuseum in Bruges.

1967, Paris. Musée National d'Art Moderne. Environnement I. Photo Jean Mil

1967 Produces in his Knokke atelier the graphie walls for his ENVIRONNEMENT (1967, ILP 777). The work is first exhibited in Paris (Musée National d’Art Moderne).

Joins the Cap d'Encre group of engravers
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More info about 'Luc Peire's Environment': www.artmoviecreation.be/podium_LucPeireEnv.htm.

1968 Is invited for the first time to take part in the XXXIV Biennale di Venezia (Belgian Pavillion).
Through the efforts of and supported by the advice of Mathias Goeritz, Luc Peire is able to undertake his Ambiente Mexico 68 (1968, ILP 1106) at the invitation of the organizing committee of the 19th Olympics in Mexico and of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma van Mexico.

The integration work Muur Relief 68 (Wall Relief 68) for J. Breda & C° (Bank van Breda) in Borgerhout-Antwerp is completed in late 1968.

1968. XXXIV. Biennale di Venezia, Belgian Pavilion. Environnement I by Luc Peire

27.09-28.10.1968. Allentown (Penn.). Luc Peire solo exhibition, Allentown Art Museum / Founders Gallery

1968, Chapultepec (Mexico). Luc Peire next to Ambiente Mexico 68 in the MuseoNacional de Arte Moderno

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Integration work Muur Relief 68 for J. van Breda & C° (Bank van Breda), Plantijn Moretuslei, Borgerhout-Antwerpen, 1968.
Photo Jean Mil.

1969 In January 1969 Jean Mil completes his short film Luc Peire's Environment.
On 02.04.1969, Luc Peire is present at the opening of the Centre CO-MO in Paris.

1973 On 12.04.1973 Luc Peire leaves for Auckland (arriving 25.4.1973) to assist with the installation of Environment III (ILP 1107) and attend the opening of the exhibition.  This is the central part of a long journey during which he visits India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.
Participates for the last time at the Salon des Nouvelles Réalités in Paris and for the first time at Grands et Jeunes d'Aujourd'hui in the same city.
Leaves on 25.10.1973 to Varigotti where a studio is placed at his disposal until the end of December 1973, in order to prepare a solo exhibition with graphies in Milan (Galleria Lorenzelli, 05.1974).

1973, Auckland (New Zealand). Luc Peire during the assembly of Environment III for his solo exhibition at Auckland City Art Gallery (Mackelvie Gallery)


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1975 Assists with the La Ville Nouvelle de Marne la Vallée project (Regional Centre Urbain de Noisy le Grand, Le Pavé Neuf), artistically coordinated by Erwin Patkaï.

1976 For Luc Peire's sixtieth birthday a solo exhibition ('Aspects of Luc Peire') is organized in Knokke at the 'Scharpoord' Meeting Centre.

1977 Through his contact with gallery owner and publisher Carmen Martinez, Luc Peire is able, from New Year to Easter 1977, to make use of the house and studio of artist Roberta González at Bormes-les-Mimosas to paint and engrave.

1979, Tenerife, Santa Cruz
v.l.n.r. Domingo Pérez Minik, Luc en Jenny Peire, Pedro García Cabrera, Eduardo Westerdahl

1979 Travels in March 1979 to Santa Cruz de Tenerife and meet again Eduardo Westerdahl. From there travels to Lanzarote and makes an excursion. He admires there the art of Cesar Manrique.

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1980 Resides and works from 7 January to early March 1980 in an apartment in Gandía Spain (near Valencia) in preparation for a solo exhibition in Gandía (Galería Lucas).
From 31.12.1980 to 14.01.1981, Jenny and Luc Peire travel to Egypt with the Club Méditerranée.

1981 Participates for the last time in the Comparaisons exhibition.

1982 In March 1982 Luc Peire stays for a short time in Sweden for the Stockholm International Art Expo.

On 07.05.1982 the Brussels metro station Roodebeek opens with Luc Peire's integration Kunsthekwerk Station (Integration Roodebeek) (Roodebeek Station Art Fence - Roodebeek Integration)

1982, Marne-la-Vallée: Place Carrée


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On 02.10.1982: opening of Luc Peire’s Place Carrée at Marne la Vallée (La Ville Nouvelle; Centre Urbain Régional de Noisy le Grand; Le Pavé Neuf).

1985, Villeneuve d’Ascq. Musée d’Art Moderne du Nord
fltr Michel Troche, Pierre R. Chaigneau, Luc Peire

1985 A remarkable ‘Rétrospective de Luc Peire’ is organized at the Musée d’Art Moderne du Nord at Villeneuve d’Ascq.

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1988 Is selected for the Belgian representation at the Olympiade des Arts/Olympiad of Art in Seoul (South Korea).

Travels in December 1988 to Stockholm for the exhibition 'Luc Peire / Retrospective 1954-1984 / Toiles et graphies' at the InstitutFrançais.

1989, Paris. Musée du Luxembourg

1989 The solo exhibition 'Luc Peire, 50 peintures de 1951 à 1988/l'oeuvre gravé' at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris is well received.

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1992 Donates in February 1992 his entire graphic oeuvre to the City of Bruges.

On 08.12.1992 Peire’sTeken U.Z. Gasthuisberg is inaugurated at Leuven.

1991, Parijs

1993 On 19.01.1993 Luc Peire’s wife, Jenny Peire-Verbruggen, dies in Knokke. Her last months of her life were spent with Luc Peire in the studio apartment in Knokke.

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1994 Luc Peire dies on 07.02.1994 at the Institut Curie in Paris, aged 77. The funeral service is held on 14.02.1994 at the Père Lachaise crematorium in Paris. On 26.02.1994, Luc Peire's ashes are interred in the columbarium of the Park Cemetery in Knokke, next to the urn of Jenny Peire-Verbruggen.
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